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When to Bring Your Child to an Urgent Care for Fever?

When to Bring Your Child to an Urgent Care for Fever?

June 2, 2021

Fevers are the most common symptoms observed by family doctors and medical staff at urgent care clinics. A fever is your child’s body’s natural response to fight infections, and almost all children get fevers from time to time.

Withstanding normal fevers is something children’s bodies are accustomed to, but it is essential to consider the child’s temperature to ensure the fever doesn’t rise too high. There are some occasions when you must take your child to a medical facility as soon as possible.

Urgent care near you serves nonemergency but critical medical requirements like fevers. Your child receives attention from a skilled medical professional in urgent care in Richmond for instances like a fever.

Let us look at when you must see your child’s pediatrician and when it is better to head straight to an urgent care center in this blog.

Making an Appointment with Your Child’s Pediatrician

Your child benefits when you take them to their pediatrician for the following reasons.

  • The child’s annual wellness checkup.
  • The child’s follow-up checkups for earlier illnesses or infections.
  • The child needs medical care for a cold or allergy.

Seeking Urgent Care for Children

You can seek pediatric urgent care for your child if they have any of the following.

  • Your child is under three months and needs urgent care for fever with a temperature of over 100°.
  • Your child is over three months and has a fever of over 102°.
  • Your child experiences sudden pain and swelling.
  • Your child needs urgent care for viral infections.
  • Your child has white spots on their tonsils with pink or sticky eyes.
  • Your child suffers from vomiting and diarrhea, and fever with a stiff neck, headache, and shortness of breath.

You can contact urgent care in Richmond for immunizations and vaccinations or prefer visiting the child’s pediatrician. However, it would help if you remembered you could walk in an urgent care center to provide your child the immunization they need.

Why Choose Urgent Care Instead of Your Child’s Pediatrician?

If you need high fever treatment near me for your child, driving down to your child’s pediatrician is a hassle even though you may consider it a medical necessity. It can be challenging to schedule appointments with your child’s pediatrician for the treatment, especially when the child is creating a ruckus.

In such cases, it helps to visit an urgent care center with an expert team of board-certified physicians who provide exemplary medical treatment for non-life-threatening pediatric illnesses, injuries, and accidents. Furthermore, you don’t have to schedule any appointments and merely walk into the clinic after driving down to their facility.

The Richmond urgent care facility, is independently owned and staffed by board-certified emergency and family physicians and nurses, ensuring that your child receives prompt medical attention and high-quality care to meet their specific pediatric needs. The facility also conveys the test results and diagnostics to your child’s pediatrician for follow-up services.

When confronted with a high fever or any other medical emergency, your child is uncooperative and needs prompt attention. If your child’s pediatrician is not available or cannot accommodate your child’s appointment, you need a facility that will treat your child without an appointment. It is why you must choose urgent care over your child’s pediatrician in some instances.

Most importantly, the urgent care facility is open seven days a week, including most holidays. They can help your child to cure their fever or any other illness while also providing physicals if necessary.

Affordable Services Offered by Urgent Care Centers

You may not consider financial setbacks when taking your child to a pediatrician or an urgent care center. However, it helps to know that financials are the last thing you need to worry about because urgent care centers are affordable and accept most insurance providers. If you don’t have insurance, the urgent care center offers discounted cash payments to ensure you are not overly burdened.

Children can develop illnesses or infections at any time, similar to adults. Knowing an urgent care center near you proves beneficial not just for your child but also for the entire family. The facilities are open from 9 AM to 6 PM, welcoming walk-ins even on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore if your child develops a fever on the weekend, there is no reason for you to express anxiety. You merely drive down to the urgent care facility for the treatment your child needs returning home satisfied you have managed to help your child overcome the challenge they confront.

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