Does My Insurance Cover Urgent Care?

If you have a health maintenance organization (HMO) and want one of the nearest urgent care clinics, you may need to find an urgent care facility that participates in your health insurance plan to obtain urgent care benefits. Before heading to the urgent care center, check with your insurer or the urgent care center.

How Long Will an Urgent Care Visit Take?

A visit to an urgent care in 77406 could take as little as 20 minutes or as much as an hour or more. It's worth noting that some urgent care facilities do take appointments.

Can the Urgent Care Center Replace my Primary Care Physician?

Walk-in urgent care should be used in conjunction with primary care rather than as a replacement. Find us by searching for an “urgent care near me.”

Will I Be Charged if I Am Unable to Be Treated at an Urgent Care Center?

Most urgent care services will charge you regardless of if you are treated.

Is an Urgent Care Center the Same as an Emergency Room?

No. If you’re having life-threatening symptoms, please seek immediate care at a hospital.

Is Urgent Care More Expensive Than the Emergency Room?

Part of offering quality, convenient care includes being more affordable than an emergency room visit.

Can Urgent Care Centers Diagnose Pneumonia and Other Illnesses?

Sunrise Urgent Care Center in Richmond, TX, can diagnose pneumonia and other illnesses.

Why Would I Come to Sunrise Urgent Care Instead of the Emergency Room?

You'd visit the best urgent care in Richmond, TX, if you're seeking a "medical clinic near me" to provide immediate non-life-threatening care.

Can Sunrise Urgent Care Send My Prescriptions to My Local Pharmacy?

Yes, our walk-in clinic will send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choosing.

What Forms of Insurance and Payment Does Sunrise Urgent Care Accept?

At Sunrise Urgent Care, we accept a wide range of insurances and offer discounted cash payments.

What if Sunrise Urgent Care Is Not in My Insurance Network?

If our Richmond urgent care isn’t in your network, we have a variety of discount programs available, as well as the ability to pay directly from your bank.

Do You Accept Medicare or Medicaid Insurance?

Finding an urgent care center “near me” that accepts Medicare or Medicaid is easy! We accept both and are happy to help!

Do You Require Appointments to Be Scheduled?

If you’re looking for an “urgent care near me open,” you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment. We take walk-in patients every day of the week!

What if I Need a More Complicated Test Like a CT Scan or Ultrasound?

We’re here to help with all types of services and needs, including CT scans, EKGs, and ultrasounds.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Sunrise Urgent Care Center in Richmond, TX, makes it easy to make an appointment. You can book online, visit us in person, or give us a call at (832) 789-1299 to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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