Immunizations in Richmond, TX

Not only do immunizations protect you and your loved ones from diseases, but some are required in schools, workplaces, and other groups. If you find yourself in those situations, you’ll be happy to learn that our doctors near you at Sunrise Urgent Care can provide the immunizations you need when you need them. One of many conveniences about visiting our urgent care near you is that not only are you able to walk in for sick visits, but you can also walk in to receive immunizations.

More Benefits of Immunizations Near You

Our urgent care clinic is not only a beneficial resource for non-life-threatening emergencies that require immediate attention, but they also make getting needed immunizations convenient. Three of the most popular immunizations that we currently offer at Sunrise Urgent Care are:

If you don’t see the vaccination listed that you are interested in receiving, please give us a call since we frequently add to our vaccination rotation.

We are open early and stay open until 9:00 PM to accommodate employees’ needs on shift schedules or children who have after-school activities. If you are engaged in shift work, our hours also make it easy to get your vaccination before your shift begins. Stop in when it’s most convenient for you.

Make it a Two-in-One Visit

When you visit us for your immunization, it’s also a great time to get caught up with some of your other health concerns, such as a routine physical or a sports physical for your child. By making time to take care of your immunizations and your annual physical at the same time, you’ll benefit from the peace of mind knowing that proactive screening has been performed in the following areas:

  • Examination of the heart, lungs, abdomen, oral cavity, ears, nose, and eyes
  • Monitoring of weight, blood pressure, and pulse
  • Evaluation of joints, strength, flexibility, and posture
  • Recording of past illnesses and hospitalizations
  • Charting of current medications

We’re Here When You Need Us

Whether you’re seeking an immunization or an annual physical without needing an appointment, our doctors at Sunrise Urgent Care are here to provide the same quality care that’s made us one of the area’s top-rated urgent care centers.

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