Drainage of Abscesses in Richmond, TX

Incision and drainage (also known as I & D) are some of the most necessary treatments for patients seeking relief from abscesses, boils, bug bites, or wounds. Our doctors near you at Sunrise Urgent Care have the equipment, experience, and expertise to perform wound care and drainage of abscesses in our state-of-the-art urgent care facility near you.

General Causes of Abscesses

Although each patient will be unique in their need for drainage of an abscess, this often-painful infection results from bacteria that’s made its way under the skin, such as an insect bite. Other causes include:

  • Ingrown hairs
  • Obstruction of sweat glands
  • Microbial infections
  • Inflammation of hair or skin follicles

Some of the symptoms that you may notice at home, in addition to pain and tenderness at the site, include redness, swelling, raised or rounded skin, warmth in the area when touched, and pus or drainage.

Treatment of an Abscess

Although uncomfortable and often unattractive to look at, the good news about an abscess is that they are easy to diagnose and treat, but they do require urgent care from a medical facility such as our doctors at Sunrise Urgent Care.

As opposed to at-home care, the reason for professional treatment is that bacteria from an abscess that is left to drain on its own can often spread to other areas of the body, including a patient’s bloodstream, which will lead to further (and often life-threatening) concerns. Our doctors in Richmond, TX, are here seven days a week to perform drainage of abscesses and prescribe medication and follow-up instructions to prevent bacteria from spreading.

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Whether you’re seeking treatment for incision and drainage of abscesses or any of the other broad suite of urgent care services we provide, you’ll discover that our doctors are more affordable than an emergency room. They will provide excellent care for your minor emergencies with less wait time. We’d love to provide you with the relief you need from your painful abscess today by providing you with the same quality care that so many other patients in Richmond, TX, have already discovered.

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