Treatment of Minor Dislocations in Richmond, TX

If you’re looking for treatment for minor dislocations near you, there’s no better choice than our doctors at Sunrise Urgent Care. Although most patients will suspect that dislocation may have occurred at the time of the injury, each may experience symptoms differently. A few of the most common symptoms of dislocation include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness or bruising
  • Weakness or numbness in the area
  • Visual deformity in the area
  • Difficulty moving the joint

Rather than wondering whether you have a minor dislocation, we invite you to visit our urgent care near you for prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Although every patient will be unique in their treatment protocol for a minor dislocation, the most common therapies include repositioning, splinting, traction, and RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression, and elevation).

How Dislocations Occur

Common dislocations occur in patients of all ages when an extreme force (or impact) is placed on a ligament that results in two different bones being pulled apart. In almost every instance, the dislocation will cause the symptoms listed above. And although those symptoms are often enough to question whether or not a dislocation has occurred, an exam and x-ray are the definitive factors in determining the full extent of the injury.

Why Seek Urgent Care in Richmond, TX?

When treatment for minor dislocations is not received promptly, patients face the possibility of restricted movement in the area and continued pain in the future (such as arthritis and other range-of-motion conditions).

Our doctors near you at Sunrise Urgent Care are here when you need them most. Their goal is to diagnose your injury or dislocation as quickly as possible so treatment can be provided without delay. Our use of digital imaging allows us to do exactly that. Additionally, our facility is independently owned and staffed by board-certified physicians, which means you’ll receive personalized care in a comfortable and professional setting without having to visit a hospital emergency room.

We invite you to visit our urgent care doctors in Richmond, TX, now if you believe you have sustained a minor dislocation and want to receive the same top-rated care that has made us one of the area’s highest-rated urgent care centers near you.

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