Laceration Repair in Richmond, TX

Our doctors at Sunrise Urgent Care provide sutures, staples, and medical glue for laceration repair near you without the need for an appointment or a long wait at a hospital emergency room. If the injury is also a part of a musculoskeletal injury, our urgent care center near you can also perform diagnostic x-rays to determine if the injury requires splinting and immobilization.

Benefits of Laceration Repair Near You

Seeking treatment immediately for a laceration is preferred to a “wait and see” approach. Our doctors in Richmond, TX, are here on Saturday and Sunday to provide the immediate laceration repair you need. Our physicians are trained to treat both children and adults and provide gentle wound care to ensure that your visit to our urgent care center in Richmond, TX, is less stressful than visiting a hospital emergency room.

At Sunrise Urgent Care, our focus is not only on stopping the bleeding of your laceration but to ensure that the wound is thoroughly cleansed to prevent bacterial infection so the laceration can heal with minimal scarring. If it’s determined that your laceration requires a higher level of care to prevent scarring, our staff will stabilize your wound and help to refer you to the appropriate cosmetic physician.

Wondering if You Need Urgent Care for Your Laceration?

Because lacerations can vary so much in their length, depth, and width, it can sometimes be difficult to judge at home whether or not you should seek urgent care near you for wound care. Rather than taking on that responsibility yourself, our doctors near you can quickly evaluate your injury to ensure that treatment for any exposed muscle, fat, tendon, or bone is also addressed.

Also, depending on the cause of the laceration, you may require a Tetanus shot. Receiving a Tetanus shot is an important part of our doctors’ laceration repair since individuals who’ve sustained a wound can become infected when the bacterium’s spores enter the bloodstream, even though symptoms may not appear for several days.

Rather than taking the risks of Tetanus, infection, or unsightly scarring with your laceration, we encourage you to visit our doctors for top-tier care in the comfort and convenience of our state-of-the-art urgent care near you.



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