Sports Physicals in Richmond, TX

Even though you and your child may be aware of the timing for the sport that they’re interested in participating in well in advance of the first training day, you may leave getting their sports physical until the very last minute. Not to worry! Our doctors at Sunrise Urgent Care can perform sports physicals near you, including EKG testing if required, without the wait time needed for an appointment. We’re even open on the weekends to make obtaining the paperwork you need for your child to play sports even more convenient.

The Importance of Sports Physicals Near You

Just as you know that looking at your current health and your past health as an indicator of your future health, the same holds true for your child and the requirements of a sports physical. Things that our doctors in Richmond, TX, will take into consideration for your child’s sports physical include:

  • Examining their heart, lungs, abdomen, oral cavity, ears, nose, and eyes
  • Checking their height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse
  • Evaluating their joints, strength, flexibility, and posture
  • Inquiring about past illnesses such as concussions, sprains, allergies, diabetes, and epilepsy
  • Recording of past hospitalizations and current medications and supplements

Our doctors near you can also provide parents and their child athletes with information on preventing health concerns. For example, it’s not uncommon for some children to be born with a heart condition that would otherwise go undetected. But since heart condition screening is a part of your child’s sports physical from Sunrise Urgent Care, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that proactive screening has been performed.

No Appointment Needed

Our urgent care facility is independently owned and staffed by board-certified emergency and family physicians near you. That means you and your child will receive personalized care in a comfortable and professional setting without the need for an appointment in advance. Another advantage of choosing our doctors at Sunrise Urgent Care is that we treat every patient with honesty, respect and use evidence-based medicine for sports physicals and our other wide range of treatments.

We invite you to stop by for a sports physical in Richmond, TX, today so your child can benefit from everything that thorough testing provides.

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