Know Why Should Go to the Urgent Care for Flu

Know Why Should Go to the Urgent Care for Flu

February 1, 2023

The flu season starts from October to mid-May, and it can make you feel miserable if you or a loved one is affected by it. As a result, you might remain in bed or couch for a few days, even if you have mild flu.

When you are not feeling well because of the flu or any other condition, you should know where to go to receive the care you need. The medical team at Sunrise Urgent Care Center is here to help you get started on the treatment that best suits your needs.

We recommend you read this article to learn more about the flu, including treating and preventing this familiar illness.

Flu Causes

The influenza virus is responsible for a respiratory illness called the flu. There are several strains of the influenza virus, and every year different strains make their presence felt in the community. Some influenza virus strains cause severe symptoms, including breathlessness, hospitalization, and even fatalities. Therefore it is essential to understand the severity of your illness and where to seek medical attention for the flu and get the treatment that best suits you.

Familiar Flu Symptoms

The flu has common symptoms, including fever, chills, cough, sore throat, runny nose, muscle and body pain, headaches, and fatigue. Occasionally vomiting may be experienced by some people. In addition, children might experience gastrointestinal distress from the flu. It helps if you note that you may not experience some symptoms. In reality, not everyone affected by the flu has a high fever.

The symptoms mentioned overlap with the signs of a severe cold, which gets aggravated if left untreated by ignoring urgent care near me from a medical professional. In many cases, you can comfortably recover from the flu if the condition is detected early and treated with medicines and plenty of rest. The preventive care you take ensures you don’t become a victim of the flu and seek treatments from hospitals or emergency rooms.

The Treatment for Flu

The flu is a viral infection making antibiotics ineffective against the condition. However, there are techniques to find relief from your symptoms. When you visit urgent care in Richmond, TX, the medical provider works with you to ascertain your symptoms and medical history to develop a treatment plan explicitly for you. The treatment plan will include antiviral medicine to reduce the intensity of the signs and their duration, cold and flu medications to relieve symptoms like cough or a runny nose, and painkillers to alleviate discomfort. They will also suggest you rest while keeping yourself hydrated, drinking fluids, and using a portable humidifier to relieve congestion.

Can Medications Treat the Flu?

There are no medications for flu treatment, but some drugs can relieve your symptoms or shorten their duration and the severity of your illness if taken within 48 hours of developing cold symptoms. However, antiviral medication is often reserved exclusively for people at risk of acquiring complications from the flu or people with severe symptoms. Therefore if you have the flu, you must wait for the infection to subside in a week or more when you receive the appropriate treatment from a qualified medical professional.

Should You Seek Emergency Care or Urgent Care for the Flu

The flu is undoubtedly uncomfortable and makes you miserable, but it is not a life-threatening condition unless you are in the high-risk category and develop complications like pneumonia, myocarditis, encephalitis, multiorgan failure, sepsis, and aggravated chronic medical conditions such as asthma and cardiovascular disease. If you confront the symptoms described, you find it beneficial to seek emergency medical attention as suggested by the CDC.

In most cases, you can seek treatment from the urgent care clinic near me when you develop symptoms of a cold that might aggravate the flu if left untreated. In addition, you can contact 911 or the emergency room near you if you experience emergency warning signs that indicate you need immediate attention from an emergency care center.

Some drugs help alleviate the flu symptoms if taken early, but it doesn’t confirm you have overcome the infection because it could worsen. Therefore the optimal technique is to safeguard yourself against the flu by receiving timely vaccinations and contacting the medical care provider near you for an urgent care appointment to ensure your condition doesn’t aggravate. Therefore if you think you are developing the symptoms of a severe cold that might worsen into the flu, consult the center mentioned earlier to receive treatment from them to prevent rushing to emergency rooms with the flu.

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